How to Kill a Cloud

Näin pilvet kuolevat

Finland, Denmark 2021
In English, Finnish and Arabic, with partial Finnish subtitles
80 min
Suitable for all audiences
Director: Tuija Halttunen
Screenplay: Tuija Halttunen
Cast: Hannele Korhonen, Tuija Halttunen
Production: Niina Virtanen, Pasi Hakkio, Ulrik Gutkin / Wacky Tie Films, Copenhagen Film Company
Print Source: Pirkanmaan elokuvakeskus

Scientist Hannele Korhonen has one ultimate passion: to work at the top of the atmospheric science community in the world. She wishes to be totally independent and concentrate on her science while maintaining high ethical values. Her life changes dramatically when she is awarded a 1,5 million USD research grant by the United Arab Emirates. The funder expects her to find ways to make the migratory clouds above the UAE rain on the country suffering from drought. The opportunity to get proper funding for such special research is perfect. Gradually she learns that the aim of the funder is to benefit one country, not science at large. Korhonen’s enthusiasm morphs into an ethical dilemma and inner conflict.

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