Before, Now & Then


Indonesia 2022
In Sundanese, subtitles in english
103 min
Suitable for audiences aged 7 and above
Director: Kamila Andini
Screenplay: Kamila Andini based on Ahda Imran's novel
Cast: Happy Salma, Laura Basuki, Arswendy Bening Swara
Production: Suma Adiwinata, Gita Fara, Ifa Isfansyah / Wild Bunch
Print Source: Wild Bunch International

If you love Wong Kar-wai's films, you're guaranteed to fall in love with this drama, stylishly directed by Kamila Andini. With wistful music, cigarette smoke, wonderful cinematography and a great feeling, the film is a sensitive and beautiful description of the life of Nana.

Nana, a Sundanese woman in the 1960s, lost a father and son to the war in West Java. She remarried to start a new life with a man who was rich but always looked down on her. Her husband was also an unfaithful person. Nana suffers in silence. Until one day, she became friends with one of her husband's mistresses who made everything change. Together, these two women seek hope for independence.

Timo Kuismin

Eija Niskanen, the artistic director of Helsinki Ciné Asia will be present on Thursday 1 September screening at Finnkino Omena, and will be presenting the film and the director Camila Andini.