Hungary, Germany 2022
In Hungarian, subtitles in English
92 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: László Csuja, Anna Nemes
Screenplay: László Csuja, Anna Nemes
Cast: Eszter Csonka, György Turós, Csaba Krisztik
Production: András Muhi, Gábor Ferenczy / Focusfox Kft
Print Source: Films Boutique

Edina (42), a female bodybuilder lives with her life partner and trainer, Adam (55), who once was one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world. Now too old to compete, he subconsciously sees Edina as his reborn glory. Edina feels only achievements can make her worthy of Adam’s love. Edina gets qualified for the World Championship, but they need a substantial amount of money for the performance-enhancing drugs to win the competition. Adam isn’t able to collect enough money for the drugs so Edina decides to work as an escort. While she experiences intimacy with one of her clients, K (40) who treats Edina as a woman, she gets distant from the man she once worshiped and starts to fall in love with K.

Production notes