Kielletyt tunteet

Forbidden Feelings

Finland 2022
In Finnish and Swedish, subtitles partly in English
64 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above

Forbidden Feelings is a showcase of fresh Finnish short films addressing the aching taboos related to the female aggression and narrow gender roles.

Anu Pennanen’s drama I looks at the obstacles of love and freedom. In Niina Suominen’s animation Golden Headacher, various women speak about difficulties in anger management and their contradictory feelings towards their families and colleagues. Minna Suoniemi’s video portrait I’ve been bad but I’ve been good too is a letter for the artist’s deceased grandmother who was always considered “too difficult”. Salla Sorri’s and Eva-Maria Koskinen’s ballet school drama Spiral deals with the overgenerational vicious circle of girls being mean to other girls. Part of the films have English subtitles.

Tytti Rantanen

Anu Pennanen, Stéphane Querrec, Terhi Suorlahti, Ritva Oksanen, Niina Suominen, Minna Suoniemi and Eva-Maria Koskinen will be present in the screening. Q&A after the screening.

Anu Pennanen
I (Minä)

What if the biggest fear would not be death but a worthless life? Fifty-year-old Kati is in a leadership position in a large company. Overwhelmed by an insurmountable feeling of impotence, she sets out on a journey to the end of despair and starts drifting after work. A nocturnal meeting with a woman in a bar fails. Kati decides to escape and hides in a forest bunker. A primitive life turns her life upside down. AV-arkki

Finland 2022
In Finnish, subtitles in English
22 min


Niina Suominen
Golden Headacher (Kultainen päänsärkijä)

Golden Headacher
is an experimental animated documentary about women's anger and aggression and cultural ways of expressing and suppressing these difficult emotions. The soundtrack of the film is composed of descriptions of women's emotional experiences in situations of aggression in relation to their own children, spouse or other women. AV-arkki

Finland 2022
In Finnish, no subtitles
17 min


Minna Suoniemi
I’ve been bad but I’ve been good too (Oon mä ollut paha mut oon mä ollut hyväkin)
I've been bad but I've been good too wraps the film's materiality in time, the aging body and the multi-generational bodily experience of excess. A childish or strange narrator's voice speaks to a grandma and at the same time to women and mothers across generations and strata of history. AV-arkki

Finland 2022
In Finnish, subtitles in English
6 min


Eva-Maria Koskinen, Salla Sorri
Spiral (Kierre)

Years after finishing school, Anna meets her old school bully, Jasmine, while she is bringing her daughter Anna to a ballet class. Anna and Jasmine try to act like nothing ever happened, but things are bubbling under the surface. Spiral is about a ballet class that gets out of hand. Morning film company

Sweden 2022
In Swedish, subtitles in English
16 min