La Francisca

La Francisca, una juventud chilena

Belgia, France, Chile 2020
In Spanish, subtitles in English
80 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Rodrigo Litorriaga
Screenplay: Rodrigo Litorriaga
Cast: Javiera Gallardo, Aatos Flores, Francisco Ossa
Production: Rodrigo Litorriaga, Marc Irmer / Transit Transat
Print Source: Rodrigo Litorriaga

Francisca is 19 years old, and lives in a small town in northern Chile, an area plagued with earthquakes. Her days are spent working at the family gas station and taking care of her autistics little brother Diego. When Diego's new teacher, Fernando, offers private lessons, an opportunity to explore her dreams opens for Francisca. Can she achieve fulfilling her dreams, or do the obligations to her family triumph in the end? Then Fernando brings a different type of earthquake.

Barne Filmfestivalen

The film is part of the Girls collection.

The film's director Rodrigo Litorriaga will be visiting Espoo Ciné. There will be Q&A sessions after both screenings.