Germany 2021
In German, subtitles in English
119 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Dietrich Brüggemann
Screenplay: Anna Brüggemann, Dietrich Brüggemann
Cast: Anna Brüggemann, Alexander Khuon, Isolde Barth
Production: Martin Heisler, Gabriele Simon / Flare Film
Print Source: The Match Factory

Dina and Michael are in their early thirties. He is a doctor, she is an actress. They are happy together until Michael starts to think about breaking up. She says: ‘Nö’. The film, set over a period of several years, follows Dina’s and Miachel’s struggles and attempts of not forgetting their love for each other. The closer we look at their relationship, the more it starts to look like a social construct than anything more intimate - but what does love actually mean?

A psychological drama-comedy that digs into the silent pain points of a relationship, it manages to create an absurd description of everyday life with its sharp humor. Nö is a film about love and finding love, again and again.

Minerva Aalto