The Radio Amateur

El radioaficionado

Spain 2021
In Spanish, subtitles in English
87 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Iker Elorrieta
Screenplay: Iker Elorrieta
Cast: Falco Cabo, Usue Alvarez, Jaime Adalid
Production: Alberto Sota / Pantoma Films
Print Source: Begin Again Films

Following his mother’s death, Nikolas, a 30-year-old with autism, decides to return to his hometown. He wants to fulfill a mission, reach the high seas in two days. There he meets Ane, his only childhood friend, and enlists her help. But Niko’s barriers when it comes to communicating won’t make it easy for him. It turns out that not everyone tunes the same frequency.

The Radio Amateur is the story of all the people who want to be accepted but receive nothing but rejection, orders, and rules that they have to comply with throughout their lives. It is the journey of everyone who struggles to gain a place in the world and in society. This is the first Spanish fiction film to address autism in adults.

Production Notes

The film is part of Crip Ciné.