Safe Space Guidelines

The Safe Space Guidelines of Espoo Ciné

  • Be open-minded and listen to others.

  • Look after yourself and others.

  • Be respectful of other people, and do not make any assumptions or question people’s differences.

  • Do not define other people’s experiences for them.

  • Disturbing behavior or language is not approved in the safe space where we want to hear everyone and let everyone be part of the conversations.

  • Use a language which can be understood by everyone, even people outside of your own group.

  • Take others into account when it is your turn to speak, and do not speak in an offensive manner about other people, whether they are present or not.

  • Harassment verbally, by touching or by staring is not approved. Stop or change your behavior if someone asks you to do so. NO means NO. If necessary, the person harassing or disturbing others will be removed.

  • No one will be pressured to use intoxicants, and do not give alcohol to a person who is too drunk.

  • If you witness any harassment or anything inappropriate, please contact the organisers – we will help and support you!

You reach us via email or the feedback form.

Have a safe festival visit and enjoy the films!