Welcome to Volunteer

The next Espoo Ciné Film Festival will take place from the 29th of August until 4th of September, and we are again seeking volunteers to help us build the festival! Working as a volunteer is a fun way to get into the festival and all that it offers.

As a reward for volunteering you will get the festival T-shirt, meals for each work day and of course the staff pass, which gets you into most of the festival screenings. In addition to all this come new experiences, wonderful people and a rather pleasant party after the festival has ended.

As a volunteer you commit to 4 work shifts, maximum of 6 hours a day. The shifts can take place both before and during the festival, depending on the nature of the work. During the festival, the shifts usually take place between noon and late in the evening. Majority of the work happens in Tapiola, Espoo, but some work is also offered in Finnkino theaters in Matinkylä and Leppävaara and in Cinema Orion, Helsinki. Volunteering is a lot of fun, so don’t hesitate to sign up!

Work assignments:

TICKET SALES (Lipunmyynti) Ticket sellers sell tickets to film screenings, as well as festival products during the presales. Ticket sale shifts begins begins on the 11th of August, when the presale begins.. Previous sales or customer service experience is an advantage, but all sellers are of course trained for the work by the team leader. Ticket sale shifts are available in Kino Tapiola, Espoo Cultural Centre, Finnkino theaters Iso Omena and Sello.

THEATRE USHER (Salivahti) The Theatre Ushers work in the Espoo Cultural Centre, Kino Tapiola and in Cinema Orion. Their tasks include ticket checking, guiding the audience, preparing presentations, working with projectionists, supervising screenings and cleaning the theatre. In Matinkylä and in Leppävaara the usher-volunteer helps out the Finnkino staff by cleaning the screening halls, checking tickets, guides the Espoo Ciné customers and helping the Espoo Ciné ticket sale person if needed.

INFO Info -team works mainly in Tapiola. Tasks includes for example handing out guest tickets, guiding the guests and helping out in events.

BUILDING & DECORATOR (Rakennus & Somistus) Decorators spread posters as guided to the festival venues. This job requires swiftness, and a good eye for both details and the big picture. Work days may be long. The shifts are mostly at the beginning of the festival.

DISTRIBUTION (Jakelu) Help is always required with the distribution of posters, magazines and schedules before the festival. If you are interested in working before the festival starts, this is the assignment for you.

SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM (SOME) Come spread the festival atmosphere through social media, and report live from different events.

PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY (Valo- tai videokuvaus) This is for you, if you are good with a camera and can work independently. Gigs can vary from photographing events to taking guest portraits.

JUNIOR CINÉ AID (Junior Ciné -apulainen) Cheery helpers are always needed to take care of the screenings for kids and teenagers, help classes and aid in preparing the seminar. The work takes place in the morning and daytime on weekdays.

CINÉ VISITING AID (Ciné kylässä -apulainen) The Visiting Ciné tour takes place between the 15th of April and the 5th of May, when we tour private homes in Espoo, showing short films. The screenings take place in the evening, and a driving license is required.

DRIVERS (kuskit) We require drivers before, during and after the festival. Transport is needed for both people and things.

SECURITY (Järjestyksenvalvonta) Are you an authorised security officer? An official certification card is required for this assignment.

Please fill out the application here (Google Forms), and welcome to volunteer! All applicants will be contacted by the end of July.

In case you have any questions, please email volunteers@espoocine.fi.

Hopefully we’ll see you!


The Espoo Ciné team