Tips for the festival weekend

There is still one weekend left to enjoy Espoo Ciné's European films around Espoo and at Cinema Orion in Helsinki!

On Friday night, Church Screenings create a new atmosphere for the cinema experience, when Benediction is shown at 5 pm and Hatching at 8 pm in Tapiola church.

On Saturday, Espoo Ciné's Family Day takes over Espoo's Cultural Centre from 10 am to 3 pm – welcome to enjoy the festival atmosphere with the whole family! There are free film screenings and a playful cinema-themed side programme.

On the night between Saturday and Sunday at Kino Tapiola, the night cinema Alexi Laiho – End of Fucking Story will take place. The special event is dedicated to the memory of Alexi Laiho, the guitarist legend from Espoo.

On Sunday, the festival culminates with the Closing Film Superheroes at 8:00 pm in Louhisali and at 8:15 pm in Kino Tapiola.

In addition to all this, there will be plenty of screenings from noon until late night during the festival weekend. So here are some film tips for the festival weekend – see you at Espoo Ciné!

On the thematics of family and parenthood

Alauda Ruiz de Azúa’s Lullaby.

A young mother moves to her parents in the hope of an easier everyday life with the new baby, but the change from daughter to mother makes her see her own mother in a new way.

Sat 3.9. at 12.30 pm Finnkino Sello 5

Sun 4.9. at 2.30 pm Finnkino Omena 7

Dietrich Brüggemann’s .

A psychological drama comedy about a thirty-year-old couple who struggles with their fresh parenthood.

Sat 3.9. at 3.00 pm Finnkino Omena 6

Sun 4.9. at 5.00 pm Finnkino Omena 6

Laura Samani’s Small Body.

In Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, Agata, blinded by determination, wants to save her stillborn child and goes to the mountains in search of a miracle.

Fri 2.9. at 7.00 pm Finnkino Sello 5

Sun 4.9. at 2.45 pm Finnkino Omena 4

Wendla Nölle’s Quiet Freedom.

As Erik's relaxed pension approaches, his wife's health unexpectedly declines, which creates friction between them. But is it still possible to save their relationship?

Sat 3.9. at 6.15 pm Finnkino Omena 7

Girls still on the screen

Dina Duma’s Sisterhood.

Friendship is put to the test when a video is published on social media. Who is responsible for what happened? And what follows from admitting the truth?

Sun 4.9. at 12.30 pm Finnkino Sello 5

Susanne Regina Meures Girl Gang.

A thought-provoking and stirring documentary about a 14-year-old social media influencer and her biggest fan.

Sat 3.9. at 12.30 pm Finnkino Omena 4

Sun 4.9. at 2.00 pm Cinema Orion

French pearls

Dina Amer’s You Resemble Me.

A dark but captivating story about a girl who turns against society when she is separated from her sister.

Sat 3.9. at 8.15 pm Finnkino Omena 7

Sun 4.9. at 4.00 pm Cinema Orion

Rachel Lang’s Our Men.

How to preserve love and the dream of a family when your spouse's work takes you both to the journey of the foreign legion, in the middle of cultural differences? Starring wonderful Camille Cottin and Louis Garrel.

Fri 2.9. at 7.00 pm Finnkino Omena 7

Sat 3.9. at 6.30 pm Finnkino Sello 5

Max Linz’s L'état et moi.

The composer Hans List, who fought against the Paris Commune in 1871, comes back to life in modern-day Berlin where he no longer fits.

Sun 4.9. at 12.00 pm Cinema Orion