100 Seasons

Sweden 2023
In Swedish, English and French, subtitltes in Englsih
104 min
Director: Giovanni Bucchieri
Screenplay: Giovanni Bucchieri
Cast: Giovanni Bucchieri, Louise Peterhoff, Karin Franz Körlof
Production: French Quarter Film, Pluto Film, RMV Film
Print Source: Pluto Film

Two dancers who once shared the stage and fell in love now go about their separate lives in different states of melancholy. Giovanni, a musician suffering from bipolar disorder, relives those heady days via a collection of home videos he projects on his wall. Louise, who became a star, is now directing her own production of what she considers Shakespeare's worst play: Romeo and Juliet. Incorporating footage of himself and costar Louise Peterhoff in the irresistible throes of young love, debut director Giovanni Bucchieri has produced an expressionistic melodrama that keeps one foot in beguiling reality as we follow his protagonists' grandiose, yet lonely lives and yearn for a reunion.

Production Notes