After Work

The End of Work

Sweden, Norway, Italy 2022
In English, Italian and Korean, English subtitles
81 min
Suitable for all ages
Director: Erik Gandini
Screenplay: Erik Gandini
Cast: Yoo Ga Yeon, Yoo Deug Young, Armando Pizzoni, Josh Davis, Elizabeth S. Anderson, Pa Sinyan, Noam Chomsky, Astrid Moss, Meqdad Al Kout, Mai Al Nakib, ”Fatima”, Rory Marzotto, Ferdinando Businaro, Luca Ricolfi, Jeong Boseong
Production: Jesper Kurlandsky / Fasad
Print Source: CAT@Docs

Erik Gandini's captivating and thought-provoking documentary film "After Work - The End of Work" delves deep into the effects of automation and globalization on modern-day work life. The film enchants viewers with its masterful storytelling and impactful visuals, skillfully conveying intimate interviews with diverse individuals and capturing their emotions in the whirlwind of work. This unique cinematic experience challenges conventional views on work and ignites important discussions about our evolving society, reminding us of the significance of work in human life and encouraging us to reexamine the challenges of the modern workplace. Prepare to be moved and inspired by this thought-provoking journey into the depths of the human experience amidst a changing world.