Animations for Children

Germany 2022
No dialog
30 min
Suitable for all ages, recommended for ages 4 and above
Director: Useita

Lena von Döhren & Eva Rust

Lampi (Tümpel)

A little fish gets separated from its school and embarks on an exciting adventure.

Switzerland 2023, 8 min

Julia Ocker

Tyrannosaurus Rex wants to play basketball, but its arms are too short.

Germany 2022, 4 min

Julia Ocker

Orava (Squirrel)

The mother squirrel is in such a hurry to gather acorns for the winter that she forgets about the children's playtime.

Germany 2022, 4 min

An Vrombaut

Solmussa (Spin & Ella)

In the forested Oksakaupunki, things start to happen when the friends get into an argument.

Belgium 2023, 7 min

Sonja Rohleder

Unimaailma (SOMNI)

What happens when you fall asleep and dream? The dream world is full of mysteries and wonderful things.

Germany 2023, 3 min