Because of My Body

Italy 2020
In Italian, with English subtitles
86 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Francesco Cannavà
Screenplay: Francesco Cannavà, Andrea Paolo Massara
Cast: Claudia Muffi, Marco Purzo
Production: Raffaele Brunetti / B&B Film
Print Source: Nexo Digital

Claudia wants to be just like any other young woman: to be loved, touched and wanted. However, sexuality is a painful and tender topic for her, as it is for many disabled people. But she meets Marco who through his work helps and guides disabled people in finding their sexuality and the secrets of pleasure. Despite the intimacy of their meetings and exercises, the assistant will never have sex with Claudia – but that does not prevent them from becoming fond of each other.

The film conjoins maturing, finding yourself and pleasure as well as facing a loss in a beautiful way. Its message is strong: even though sexuality is a painful topic for a person with special needs, it lies under the surface. The sexual expression needs to be supported.

Pinja Eskola, translated by Iisa Arvelin