The Book of Solutions

Le livre des solutions

France 2023
In French, subtitles in English
102 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Michel Gondry
Screenplay: Michel Gondry
Cast: Pierre Niney, Blanche Gardin, Françoise Lebrun, Frankie Wallach, Camille Rutherford
Production: Georges Bermann / Partizan Films
Print Source: Kinology

The history of cinema knows many films about filmmaking. Often they are comedies about chaotic conflicts. Known for his overflowing style, Michel Gondry (Tahraton mieli, The Science of Sleep) brings his work The Book of Solutions, which premiered at Cannes, to the continuum of Fellini and Truffaut. The film tells about a Gondry-like director, the lovable and infuriating Marc (Pierre Niney), who has the creativity of Gyro Gearloose but the focus of Donald Duck.

Veteran actress Françoise Lebrun is the heart of the film as Aunt Denise, to whom Marc runs away from the producers, taking with him the materials of his four-hour work and a small loyal work team. Blanche Gardin offers resistance to Marc's pacing as Charlotte the cutter. But if you have to get Sting in the movie, then let's get Sting.

Tytti Rantanen