Elevator Pitch

United States 2020
In English, no subtitles.
14 min
Director: Martyna Starosta
Screenplay: Martyna Starosta
Production: Martyna Starosta / Field_of_Vision
Print Source: American Film Showcase

Everyone who faces mobility challenges for one reason or another knows how frustrating it is when, for example, getting on a bus or subway doesn't go as smoothly as it should. Martyna Starosta's impactful short film addresses the accessibility of the New York subway, but in fact, these issues are familiar everywhere. Even if there is theoretically an elevator in the subway, if it is always out of order, daily commuting quickly becomes a challenge for anyone for whom navigating stairs is not possible. It's not just about everyday inconveniences; for some people, these issues become insurmountable barriers when planning fails or maintenance doesn't receive the necessary resources. This eye-opening film is especially important for those who don't encounter such challenges in their own daily lives

Production Notes