Austria 2021
In German, subtitles in English
99 min
Suitable for all audiences
Director: Lukas Ladner
Screenplay: Lukas Ladner
Production: Arash T. Riahi, Daniel Dlouhy, Peter Drössler, Sabine Gruber, Lukas Ladner / Golden Girls Film, Bunny Beach Filmproduktion
Print Source: Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices

This intimate documentary depicts Eva-Maria’s journey to motherhood that is not stopped by disabilities or wheelchairs. As Eva-Maria’s personal assistant the director Lukas Ladner is in a unique situation to approach the topic with ease and allow the audience an unobstructed view into Eva-Maria’s life.

The viewer is invited to witness the following of the ovulation, medical procedures, and the development of the pregnancy. Deep diving interviews with Eva-Maria and her family offer stories, worries and dreams concerning life with disabilities and motherhood.

Despite the prejudices of the society, strong-willed and optimistic Eva-Maria trusts that combining disabilities and parenting is possible. With help from her family and personal assistants the “operation Baby” commences with its challenges and joys.

Iisa Aranko