He's My Brother


Norway, Tanska 2022
Danish, subtitled in English
75 min
Suitable for all ages
Director: Cille Hannibal
Production: Monica Hellstrøm / Final Cut for Real
Print Source: Cinephil

Peter has grown into a young man, and independent life would await him if he were not autistic and deaf-blind. He is completely dependent on his family's assistance and support, which has increased with each passing year. Sister Christine and mother Jonna love Peter unconditionally, but the constant caregiving drains their strength and causes disputes within the family. While Peter has the right to an independent life, the opportunities for it are severely limited.

This impactful documentary about the rights of disabled individuals to a good life evokes strong emotions. The family's struggle for Peter's rights is both fascinating and heart-wrenching to watch. Love sustains them, but will it ultimately triumph in a battle with no endpoint? Through her keenly observant film, Cille Hannibal manages to capture something profoundly essential about humanity and the need to be seen.

Maria Lehtonen