Is There Anybody Out There?

Great Britain 2022
In English, Finnish subtitles for the heard of hearing
87 min
Suitable for audiences aged 7 and over
Director: Ella Glendining
Production: Janine Marmot / Hot Property Films
Print Source: Autlook Film Sales

Filmmaker Ella Glendining has an unusual body. She has never met anyone who shares her specific type of disability. The starting point for this documentary is Ella’s search for another person with a similar body. The search however takes a turn due to unexpected events; Ella finds out she is pregnant and the world closes due to the Covid pandemic. The specific type of her disability turns out to be insignificant, as the film depicts motherhood, the experience of living as a disabled woman and the society’s attitudes to disability. Clips from disability documentaries from previous decades provide contrast and show how much attitudes towards disability have changed – and how they have stayed the same.

Pinja Eskola

Together with the screening on Monday 21 August there will be an extended Q&A with the director Ella Glendining. After the screening there will be a meet & greet with the director in the Ahjo exhibition space. On Wednesday 23 there will be a Q&A with the director.