Hungary 2022
Unkarinkielinen, tekstitys suomeksi
108 min
Suitable for 12 years / 16
Director: Szilárd Bernath
Screenplay: Szilárd Bernath, Gergö V. Nagy
Cast: Benett Vilmányi, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Anna Szandtner, László Onofer
Production: András Muhi, Gábor Ferenczy / Focusfox Kft (project co.: Larry Film Kft)
Print Source: National Film Institute – Hungary

Ádám, in his twenties, shovels on a sheep farm during the day, but in the evenings he dreams of a career as a rap star. fathHis father, on the other hand, dreams of his son continuing the family farm, which could not be less interesting to Ádám. As a result of unexpected turns, Ádám gets to know young people who are training for a talent competition, and he sees his chance. The race for stardom is tough, but even tougher for Ádám, who seriously stutters.

The Hungarian director's debut takes you with his strong visual narrative and impresses with his talented star cast. The story, which sometimes becomes intense, captivates you and makes you think about the conditions for a good life. Can you rise from rags to riches, and can the power of self-expression free you from life's obstacles? Larry is a strong advocate of dreams, and above all, never giving up.

Maria Lehtonen