Norway 2023
In Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German and English, subtitled in English.
104 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken
Screenplay: Mattis Hermann Nyquist, Gine Cornelia Pedersen, Fredrik Høyer, Eivind Sæther
Cast: Anne Krigsvoll, Ola G. Furuseth, Mattis Hermann Nyquist, Anders Baasmo, Lisa Carlehed, Jesper Christensen, Alfred Ekker Strande, Ville Virtanen
Production: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken / The Film Company
Print Source: Norsk filminstitutt

Four images of Edvard Munch, four different phases of the artist's life, four different eras, and four different locations. Munch may very well be the most internationally renowned visual artist in the Nordic countries. Even people who are not particularly interested in visual arts usually recognize his iconic work "The Scream." Portraying such a figure's entire career in a single film is a daunting task. Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken, who entered the industry from outside film schools, has not hesitated to take risks in his film. He presents Munch's career from a 22-year-old aspiring artist to an 80-year-old national icon, capturing crucial periods in his life. But he does it so skillfully that when we see Munch's paintings on the walls of the artist's namesake museum at the end of the film, they feel astonishingly familiar and understandable in a completely new way.

Mickael Suominen