My Sailor, My Love

Rakkaani merikapteeni

Finland, Ireland 2022
In English, subtitles in Finnish and Swedish
103 min
Suitable for all ages
Director: Klaus Härö
Screenplay: Kirsi Vikman, Jimmy Karlsson
Cast: James Cosmo, Bríd Brennan, Catherine Walker
Production: Kaarle Aho, David Collins, Kai Nordberg/ Making Movies
Print Source: Nordisk Film

My Sailor, My Love is director Klaus Härö's visually stunning and touching drama about a last chance at love set against the majestic coastal landscapes of Ireland. A retired widow sea captain gets a final opportunity for love when his adult daughter hires a housekeeper for him against his own will. In the process, long-buried family conflicts resurface, and the adult child must confront the old wounds left by her absent father. Known for his poignant portrayals of human relationships, Klaus Härö delivers one of his finest films with this heartfelt movie. The strong performances by the cast safely guide the audience through the journey of love and towards forgiveness.

Laura Laaksonen

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