Il Boemo

Czechia, Italy, Slovakia 2022
In Italian, German and Czech, subtitles in English
142 min
Suitable for audiences aged 16 and above
Director: Petr Václav
Screenplay: Petr Václav
Cast: Vojtěch Dyk, Barbara Ronchi, Lana Vlady, Elena Radonicich, Lino Musella, Philippe Jaroussky, Cristiano Donati, Alberto Cracco
Production: Jan Macola / Mimesis Film
Print Source: Angel Films

History has not treated Josef "Il Boemo" Mysliveček well. The Czech composer was one of the hottest opera seria composers of his time in Italy, the homeland of opera, but nowadays, he is mostly remembered for the letters exchanged within Mozart's family, particularly as an inspiration for young Wolfgang. Artistic victories open doors to the favor of the influential people of his time, but money comes and goes. And even love wasn't easy during the era of flourishing sexual liberalism.

Czech filmmaker Petr Václav has created a stirring historical biographical film that showcases the Italian music world of the late 18th century in all its splendor and rawness. The music for the film is provided by Collegium 1704 under the direction of Václav Luks. The film features solo performances by renowned countertenor Philippe Jaroussky, as well as sopranos Simona Šaturová and Emőke Baráth.

Mickael Suominen

On August 19th, the screening at Kino Tapiola is an age-restricted screening for individuals aged 18 and above, with alcohol beverages available from the Kinobaari.