Kaija Saariaho: Innocence

In Finnish, Czech, Romanian, French, Swedish, German, Spanish, Greek and English, subtitles in English
109 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Screenplay: Finnish libretto Sofi Oksanen, multilanguage translation Aleksi Barrière
Cast: Magdalena Kožená, Sandrine Piau, Tuomas Pursio, Lilian Farahani, Markus Nykänen, Jukka Rasilainen, Lucy Shelton, Vilma Jää, Beate Mordal, Julie Hega, Simon Kluth, Camilo Delgado Díaz, Marina Dumont
Print Source: Unitel

Espoo Ciné presents along with Riitta Rask's documentary Echoes of the Universe – The Music of Kaija Saariaho also Saariaho's last opera, Innocence. The opera is presented as a recording made from its premiere at the Festival International d’Art Lyrique d’Aix-en-Provence in July 2021. The screening is free of charge, but a complimentary ticket must be obtained to attend.

Kaija Saariaho's fifth opera, Innocence, is undoubtedly one of the landmark works of our time. It is rare for contemporary opera to receive such unanimous praise. Performances of Innocence are sold out quickly everywhere.

The reason for this lies not only in Saariaho's subtle music but also in the exceptional nature of the subject matter. The libretto by Sofi Oksanen addresses a significant and painful theme: what happens to a person who has been affected by a major tragedy. This multilingual opera, set in two timelines, is a profound exploration of how traumatic events from the past may become part of the lives of even those who were not directly present when the tragedy occurred. Saariaho and Oksanen handle heavy themes with rare depth and wisdom. Innocence is undoubtedly one of the most profoundly touching new works seen in contemporary opera!

Mickael Suominen