Light Light Light

Valoa valoa valoa

In Finnish, subtitles in English
91 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Inari Niemi
Screenplay: Juuli Niemi, based on the novel by Vilja-Tuulia Huotarinen
Cast: Rebekka Baer, Anni Iikkanen, Laura Birn, Pirjo Lonka, Kanerva Paunio, Janne Reinikainen
Production: Oskari Huttu / Lucy Loves Drama
Print Source: Nordisk Film

Dear readers, if you fear A. Love or B. Nuclear explosions, this movie is just for you!

The 1980s, Chernobyl, and a small Finnish town provide the framework for this touching film. In the movie, adult Mariia returns home to her sick mother and, at the same time, recalls her most beautiful summer and tragic autumn from her youth. During that summer, a newcomer named Mimi fills Mariia's life with light at a sensitive age. Daring and slightly unpredictable, Mimi takes Mariia on new adventures, and in the process, a tender first love blossoms.

On her journey, adult Mariia learns, in a heart-wrenching way, to forgive the past, both herself and others. The young lead actors surpass the seasoned ones with their authenticity. The director has captured a delicate and fragile atmosphere that can be felt. Tense scenes make the viewer emotionally engaged, and the film skillfully brings the 80s to life through its music and visuals.

Sanna Lahovaara

Director Inari Niemi, producer Oskari Huttu, as well as actors Rebekka Baer, Anni Ilkkanen, Pirjo Lonka, and Laura Birn will be present at the screening. There will be a Q&A after the screening.