Crip Ciné

Crip Ciné focuses on people with disabilities – both on the big screen and behind the scenes. This series, consisting of three discussions and eleven films, explores the theme of disability and encourages new perspectives on it. Explore the films here:

SCREENING VENUES: The venues for Crip Ciné films are Espoo Cultural Center (Tapiola), Finnkino Omena (Matinkylä), and BioRex Tripla (Pasila). You can find the addresses and accessibility information for our event venues compiled here.

SCREENING CARD: This year, Espoo Ciné introduces a separate Crip Ciné pass, which grants access to all theme film screenings for a fixed price of 50 euros. Please note that the screening of Elevator Pitch + Imperfect is a free screening.

CRIP CINÉ OPENING | Mon 21 Aug | Espoo Cultural Center

The opening film of Crip Ciné is Is There Anybody Out There?, a documentary starring and directed by Ella Glendining. The opening screening takes place on Monday, August 21st at 5:00 PM in Louhisali hall at the Espoo Cultural Center. It will be followed by a moderated discussion with the director at 6:30 PM, delving into the theme of ableism. The discussion will be moderated by Johanna Karppinen. After the discussion, the audience can meet Ella Glendining in the Ahjo exhibition space at the Cultural Center. The opening ceremonies are organized in collaboration with The British Embassy in Helsinki.

The evening continues in Louhisali with a screening of Code of the Freaks at 7:45 PM. A pre-recorded Q&A session with the directors will follow the screening.

Wed 23 Aug | BioRex Tripla

On Wednesday at BioRex Tripla: He's My Brother at 3:00 PM, Is There Anybody Out There? at 4:45 PM, The Peanut Butter Falcon at 7:00 PM, and Larry at 9:00 PM. Director Ella Glendining will be present at the screening of Is There Anybody Out There?.

Thu 24 Aug | BioRex Tripla

Thursday at BioRex Tripla: Code of the Freaks at 5:00 PM, Freaks at 7:45 PM, and Eva-Maria at 9:15 PM.

A Q&A session with the directors will follow the screening of Code of the Freaks. Following this, at 6:30 PM, a Crip Ciné discussion (in Finnish) will be held in collaboration with Vamlas, featuring Sanni Myllyaho, Pinja Eskola, Jaana Tiiri, and moderated by Peppi Santaniemi. The discussion will focus on the representation of people with disabilities and other themes of the Crip Ciné films. The conversation is supported by the Finnish Film Foundation. Free admission!

Fri 25 Aug | Finnkino Omena

On Friday at Finnkino Omena: Larry at 5:00 PM, He's My Brother at 7:15 PM, and Eva-Maria at 9:00 PM.

Sat 26 Aug | Finnkino Omena

On Saturday at Finnkino Omena: Imperfect + short film Elevator Pitch at 1:00 PM and Wheels of Freedom at 3:00 PM. Elevator Pitch + Imperfect is a free screening organized in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy.

CRIP CINÉ ART EXHIBITION | 8 – 27 Aug | Espoo Cultural Center

In August, the Ahjo exhibition space at the Espoo Cultural Center will feature works by Aino Laiho and Olga Green. Learn more about the exhibition here:

Crip Ciné films are selected by a panel of resident activists from the Aspa Foundation. The main partner for the event is the U.S. Embassy. Other partners include the Aspa Foundation, Vamlas Foundation, Invalidiliitto, Finnish Film Foundation and The British Embassy in Helsinki.