Espoo Ciné's festival venues are Kino Tapiola, Espoo Cultural Centre (Tapiola), Finnkino Sello (Leppävaara) and Finnkino Omena (Matinkylä) in Espoo, as well as BioRex Tripla (Pasila) and Cinema Orion (Kamppi) in Helsinki. Please find the venues' accessibility info below.


Address: Mäntyviita 2, 02110 Espoo

Kino Tapiola is accessible. The entrance, lobby, and cinema are all wheelchair, walker/rollator, and stroller-friendly.

Parking: The nearest accessible parking spaces are located in front of the Tapiola Swimming Hall, about 150 meters away from Kino Tapiola.

Cinema: The spacious hall does not have designated wheelchair seats, as wheelchairs can be placed at either end of any row. Espoo Ciné does not sell assigned seats, so you can freely choose a seat from any row. After the movie, you can exit the theater through the accessible rear door on the Menninkäisentie side.

Induction loop: The cinema hall is equipped with an induction loop, which works best on the sides of the hall.

Restrooms: One of the two restrooms in the lobby is accessible.

Assistance dogs are warmly welcome!


Address: Kulttuuriaukio 2, 02100 Espoo

Entrance: The main entrance of the Cultural Center is accessible, and one of the entrance doors opens automatically.

Parking: In front of the main entrance at ‘Kulttuuriaukio’, there are two accessible parking spaces. There are also paid accessible parking spaces nearby on Tapionaukio square and in the parking hall.

Elevators: There are elevators in the lobby and near Tapiola Hall, providing access to upper floors. Assistance can be requested from the lobby services and Espoo Ciné staff if needed.

Cinema | Tapiolasali: Wheelchair seats are located at the back of the right side, in rows 23 and 21.

Cinema | Louhisali: Wheelchair seating is in the upper part of the hall. NOTE! Accessible entry to Louhi Hall is through the staff areas, with assistance from the lobby service staff.

Induction loop: Both Tapiolasali and Louhisali are equipped with induction loops, with coverage extending to the central area of the halls. For detailed information, contact the lobby services staff.

Restrooms: The Cultural Center has accessible restroom facilities. The most spacious restroom is located near the cloakroom area of the concert hall.

There is one wheelchair available at the Cultural Center. It can be borrowed from the lobby services in the lower lobby of the Cultural Center. It's recommended to confirm the availability of the wheelchair in advance by contacting the lobby services at +358 9 81657200.


Address: Sellon kauppakeskus, Ratsukatu 3, 02600 Espoo

Cinemas: Espoo Ciné films are screened in halls 4 and 5. Wheelchair seats are located in the front rows, in the center, in all halls.

Induction loop: NB! There are no induction loops available at Finnkino Sello.

Parking: The closest accessible parking spaces can be found by entering the parking hall from the Ratsukatu side (accessible spaces next to Lidl's elevators). By using the elevators on the Ratsukatu side, you can directly access the store level (2nd floor) and the cinema level (3rd floor).

Restrooms: Accessible restrooms are located on the cinema level, near the other restrooms (1 restroom), and behind the gourmet store (1 restroom).


Address: Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo

Cinemas: Espoo Ciné films are screened in halls 4, 6, and 7. Wheelchair seats are available in the front rows in all halls. All halls have accessible entry for wheelchair users.

Induction loop: All halls (4, 6 and 7) have induction loops.

Restrooms: An accessible restroom is located on the restroom level, near the other restrooms.


Address: Eerikinkatu 15, 00100 Helsinki

Cinema Orion is not accessible. To ensure smooth service, kindly inform in advance via email if you are attending a screening with a wheelchair:

Entry to the hall: The theater has 2 wheelchair seats located in the balcony, which can be accessed via the stairwell of the building on the Eerikinkatu side.

Access to the balcony is provided by two wheelchair ramps. The lower ramp is 180 cm long and steep (approximately 32 degrees incline), so we recommend arriving with an assistant. The upper ramp is 150 cm long and has a 21-degree incline. The ramps' width is 70 cm. Unfortunately, the ramps are not suitable for electric wheelchairs.

Induction loop: NB! Cinema Orion does not have induction loops.

Restrooms: Please note that the restrooms in the lobby area are not accessible.


Address: Mall of Tripla, Fredikanterassi 1, 00520 Helsinki

Entrance: The cinema entrance and ticket counter are on the 5th floor of Tripla.

Elevator: The shopping center has elevators for access to different floors. The cinema can be directly accessed through the elevator from the parking hall.

Cinema: Espoo Ciné screenings are in Bio Rex Tripla Hall 6. The hall is accessible and has wheelchair seats.

For more information, contact the theater at: +358 75 756 1273.


The following Espoo Ciné venues have induction loops:

Kino Tapiola – best reception at the sides of the hall

Espoo Cultural Centre: Tapiolahall & Louhihall – coverage includes the central area of the halls. For more detailed information, contact the lobby services staff.

Finnkino Omena


All Finnish movies are provided with descriptive subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing, and audio description for blind people and people with low vision. The audio description is available through the free MovieReading app, which can be downloaded from the device's app store for both Android and iOS devices. Up-to-date information on audio-described movies can be found in the app.